By founding the Smart Rail Connectivity Campus e. V. association on 03 September 2019 in Annaberg-Buchholz, the SRCC would like to offer all its network members, project partners and project supporters the following support:

  • Acquisition of funds through membership fees, donations and grants,
  • Planning and implementation of scientific conferences in the Chemnitz-Erzgebirge area,
  • Support of the formation of networks and clusters, especially within the association members and their research and market partners,
  • Promotion of the transfer of know-how through participation in trade fairs, organisation of or participation in conferences, congresses, symposia and workshops as well as publication in the media,
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary communication between business, science, politics and society,
  • Initiation of projects as well as regional, national and international cooperation with the participation of its members,
  • Support for training and further education in schools, universities, industry and trade,
  • Sensitization of the Saxon public to the potential of new mobility technologies and the need for further development, including infrastructure,
  • the publication and presentation of results from research and development
  • Cooperation with other associations, clubs and institutions at national and international level, which serves to achieve the purpose of the association
  • the transfer of funds for the promotion of science and research by another tax-privileged body.


The following documents are available in German. If you need them in English, please contact us.